Primark, Calais, France

Calais was a full mechanical installation carried out by our subcontractor ClimateAir consisting of two retail floors and one Back of House office area.

Project Summary

  • We installed two heat pumps for heating and cooling of Air to the retail floors on the roof.
  • We installed 5 Air handling Units, 4 for the retail floors and 1 for the Back of House (BOH).
  • We installed a VRF system to supply Air Conditioning to the BOH and associated offices.
  • All equipment is located on the roof plant space.
  • There was two electrically heated water cylinders for domestic hot water which have one 9kw heater in each vessel.
  • All radiators which were installed are electrically supplied no water.
Project Consultants  Synergy
Main Contractor  Bourdarios
Project Start Date  Finish Date  Fit-out Value  Lynskey Project Manager 
Jul-20 Jan-22 €2.9m Padraig Nevins/Noel Gavin