Data Centre for NDA Client in UK

The mechanical installation for the Data Hall & Electrical Rooms and the Office areas in Swindon (UK).

Project Summary

  • Data Hall - the Phase 1 consist of the following elements:

    • Electrical Room 2.1, Catcher Room C2.1 & C1.1: Supply & Install of the: 6 no. of CRAC units (2no. in each room), AC pipework, Heat Recovery Unit, and associated ductwork.
    • Data Hall: Supply & Install of the: 5 no. of Air Motorised Mechanical Dampers, 5 no. of Air Manual Mechanical Dampers, PRDs.
    • Plant: Offloading, positioning and installation of the following: 10 no. free issue of Air Handling Units, AHU delivered in 4 separate sections (AHUs were manufactured by Stultz) 12 no. of Roof Extract Fans on the roof - supplied by Stultz. 6 no. of CRACs manufactured by EDPAC in the: Electric Room 2.1 & Cather Room C2.1 and Catcher Room C1.1. (2 no. in each room)
    • Industrial Water: Supply & Install of the: 2 no. of 75,000 litre steel Industrial Water storage tanks located externally, industrial water pipework from Humidifier Plantroom, industrial water distribution pipework to 1no. ANU’s. All external humidifier water lines were insulated and cladded.
    • Condensate Drains: Supply & Install of the: 50 mm of HDPE drains from each CRAC & AHU to pop-ups on ground floor or floor gullies in plan area.
    • Diesel System: Supply & Install of the: 40,000 l Diesel Storage Tank and associated polishing pump skid. Install diesel pipework at high level running down the generator compound - fixed to steel structure. Installation of 1 ½” diesel lines from 2 ½” high level diesel ring main to the 5 no. generators located on the North Side of the building.
    • Air Balance: Installation of air systems in the Electric Room 2.1, Catcher Room C2.1 Catcher Room C1.1.

    In Phase 1 the air was balanced and commissioned by the Spectrum Engineering.

  • Office Area:

    • Ventilation: Supply & Install of the: Air Handling Unit on the Roof, Ductwork and associated fire dampers, volume control dampers, attenuators, diffusers, grilles, and insulation.
    • VRF Air Conditioning System: Supply & Install of the: Condensate pipework, ceiling and wall mounted air conditioning units in the office, meeting rooms and stair cores areas. External Condensers at roof level, 3 no of BC control boxes, associated insulated pipework and controls throughout.

    Testing & Commissioning of complete systems and the integrated control have been done at the completion stage of the above works.

    • Split System Air Conditioning Units: Supply & Install of the: Wall mounted split system air conditioning units.
    • Water Services: Supply & Installation of the: 2,500 l Cold Storage Tank - allocated in the industrial plantroom, Cold water booster pump, P-02-CWS in the water pump room. Mains water pipework to serve cold water storage tank and other areas in the office
Project Consultants   NDA
Main Contractor  John Paul Construction
Project Start Date Finish Date Fit-Out Value Lynskey Project Manager
March 2022 September 2022 €3,849,700.20 Stephen Rogan