Kerrygold, Mitchelstwon, Cork, Ireland

Extension to Kerrygold Park, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

Project Summary

  • Production systems including MTHW, LGHW, Chilled water and Domestic water systems
  • Mixture of stainless steels and carbon pipework
  • Installation of MTHW boiler and system operating at 115degees flow
  • Production AHU units with automatic adjustable grill vanes to suit both warm and cooling air to suit production area with ceiling heights of 8metres
  • Compressed air system
  • Office space including heat recovery units (fresh air systems) FCU, Fire dampers, VCDs, radiators, water supply ect
  • Installation of unit heaters, de strat fans and roof mounted fans for warehouse and cold store units.
  • Carried out a survey of existing services and coordinated new services (plant, pipework, ductwork) to suit existing without effecting production time
  • 3d coordination of new production, warehouse and office area,
Project Consultants  Varming Consultant Engineers
Main Contractor  Flynns MC
Project Start Date  Finish Date  Fit-out Value   Lynskey Project Manager
Nov-21 Feb 2023 € 2 m Thomas Clarke