Data Centre for NDA Client in Dublin

The construction of a new two storey containing 23, 283sq.m data storage. The construction facilities include data storage rooms, electrical & mechanical plant rooms and support areas including offices and welfare facilities, loading bays, back-up generators and water storage tanks; mechanical plant, including 27 no. car parking spaces.

Project Summary

Phase 1 - Office Area: Ventilation: Supply & Install of: Air Handling Unit, located on the Admin roof, ductwork and associated dumpers, volume control dumpers, diffusers, grilles, and insulation.

VRF Air Conditioning System: Supply & Install of: Ceiling and Wall mounted air conditioning in the office and meeting rooms area, External Condensers at roof level, BC control box, associated insulated pipework and controls throughout, condensate drainage pipework. Water Services: Supply & Installation of: 1x2,000l Cold Water Storage Tank (in the ground floor water pump room), Cold Water booster pump – P-03 – in the water pump room, Mains water pipework to serve cold water storage tank & the Admin outlets.

Data Halls: Phase 1 -12 Mechanical Installation of the following items:

  • Supply & installation of ductwork and associated dampers & grilles. Main supply of Air Header & Aisle ducting serving Data Hall.
  • Installation of inline extracts fans to exhaust air from battery room to outside. (Phase 1)
  • Installation of extract ductwork from the battery room to external louvre.
  • The wall mounted split AC units and associated drains.
  • Install of Air Transfer Grilles between Battery Rooms and Elec Rooms.
  • Installation of Supply air ductwork systems and associated dampers, grilles, insulation etc. Number 12 no. of diffusers on each Aisle, manual dampers in the middle of the Aisle which are adjustable and locked during the air balance.
  • A multifunction control dumper provided on each aisle divided for 3 number of sections: the middle section – manual dumper (locked during air balance), other two sections – motorised dumpers, each with dedicated actuator fitted to the underside of the dumper.
  • Installation of Return air ductwork systems and associated dumpers, grilles, etc supplied for each number of roof extract fans and associated bigfoot frames.
  • Humidifier Water: Supply & Install of the following: 70,000 litre GRP cold water storage tanks, located externally. Humidifier water pipework, humidifier water distribution pipework to DAHUAHU’s serving Data Hall Phase 1 - 12.
  • Condensate Drains: Supply & Install of 50mm HDPE drains from each CRACHU & DAHU AHU to pop-ups on ground floor and floor gullies in plan area.
  • Diesel System: Installation of diesel pipework at high level running down the generator compound, fixed to steel structure. Installation of 1 ½” diesel lines from 2” high level diesel ring main to the numbers of the Generators located on the south side of the building. Supply & Installation of 69,000 l Diesel Storage Tank and associated polishing pump skid in Diesel Storage Bund. Installation of PLX pipe-in-pipe Diesel line from Diesel distribution Pump to pop-ups @ certain GL A’s.
  • Plant: Offloading, positioning, and installation of the following: free issue Data Hall Air Handling Units, AHU.AHU’s installed in the plant area, free issue CRAHU’s, free issue Roof Extract fans., numbers of humidifier water distribution to numbers of AHU’s serving Data Halls, Waste Heat Recovery pipework to AHU’s serving Data Halls,
Project Consultants   NDA
Main Contractor  Bennett Construction Ltd.
Lynskey Project Manager Stephen Rogan

Project Start Date

Finish Date

Fit-out Value

Phase1: 01/02/2019


Phase 2: 11/11/2019


€ 526,378.77

Phase 3&4: 13/01/2020



Phase 5: 24/02/2020


€ 526,378.77

Phase 6: 05/05/2020


€ 546378.77

Phase 7: 18/05/2020


€ 526,378.77

Phase 8: 06/07/2020



Phase 9: 17/08/2020



Phase 10: 28/09/2020



Phase 11: 26/10/2020



Phase 12: 26/09/2022


€ 458,229.37

Summary: Approx - €5,5m