Primark Bonn, Germany

Complete Design/Built for the Mechanical Services and Smoke Extract Systems- 75.000 sq.ft over 3 floors.

Fit-out completed to the local German Planning law.

Project Details

  • Air Handling Units
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Pipework
  • Chiller
  • Building Management System

The main works included the installation of three Main Air Handling Units situated on the roof of the building in a dedicated plant area. The cooling was supplied to all units via a 30KAV 0900 Air Cooled Chiller with a Variable Speed screw compressor also situated on the roof area. The Heating to the building was from District heating. Flow and Return pipes were left by the Landlord in the heating plant room. All pipework and associated pumps were installed by Lynskey Engineering to all three units. Air Conditioning Units were installed in the office areas for additional Cooling and Heating. All Domestic Hot and Cold pipework were installed by Lynskey Engineering. The hot water was supplied via a warm water generator which was installed in the heating plant room and was fitted by a 9kw immersion that heated the water during the summer. District Heating heated the water during the Winter. A water softener was installed before the warm water generator to protect the immersion from hard water. This was a precautionary measure. Building Management System is a Trend system and was commissioned by Standard Controls.